A Kingdom Divided Will Not Stand

Mark 3:24-25 And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.  And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.  (All verses in this article were derived from www.Blueletterbible.org and used by permission.)


Jesus characterized and stated this important reality.

I am writing this article in the midst of a hurricane, at least at the outskirts of it.  Winds are blowing strong, howling, and it is raining, but it’s just beginning.  Hurricanes and Tornadoes can be vehicles of much destruction.  These storms get their velocity from friction and other factors but it is friction that characterizes the heart of the storm.

America is within another storm.  It is a friction and division of country. The country is split into many views and many factions.  Friction in a storm is what charges and produces lightening.  Friction in a media and political storm produces events like what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia.
Hate and friction produces fighting and killing.  It produces a man bent on shooting congressmen at a friendly baseball game.  In certain cases, standing up for oneself is important as some will just bowl right over you if you don’t.  Yet, standing up for what you believe in can be done peacefully.  Martin Luther King Jr. proved that, Ghandi proved that, Jesus proved that.  In fact Jesus caused such a revolution, such a change in people, and still is causing changes even in this day.  He did not have to lift a finger in violence.
The only time you see him standing up and fighting for something physically was at the temple where he drove the merchants out with a whip because his Father’s house was meant for prayer and worship, not a business bazaar that it had been turned into.  It was a dishonest one at that.  He stood up for his Father, what his Father desired, and what he believed was right.  Yet, in every other event he was only here to show and demonstrate God’s goodness and love to us.
John 3:17 “For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.”
You see God’s intent is to help us and draw near to us as he truly cares for us.  Yet, many scramble to fight for themselves without the help of the Father or his Son.  This scrambling and fighting for this and that creates division, friction, hate, and destruction.
It is time for us to get a grip on this on what we are doing country wise. This country was made great because we were United.  That is why we are called the United States.  Each state has it’s independence and can pursue its objectives and agendas independently but on a Federal Level we are United.
Unity is the key.  Unity will bring peace.  Division will bring Friction but more importantly it will place us in a condition where it can be very difficult to stand.  I find myself weakest when I experience the greatest friction and the greatest drain.  But I take heart personally and read God’s word which brings me a lot of peace.  There is a verse that says, “Agree with God, and be at peace, and there by good will come to you.”  Job 22.21 (ESV)
Instead of striving and fighting for this, and fighting for that and being against this person and being against that person.  We will find peace when we begin to seek after God, and then get into agreement with Him.  I promise this will happen to you.  I have seen it so many times.  When the storm is raging in your life, all He has to do is stand up and say “Peace be still,” and thus it shall be.

We do not Wrestle against Flesh and Blood

The Battle Rages

In the last two weeks I have never seen such battling, warring, fighting, name slurring, mean spirited actions being directed against our President and his administration.  I have personally have great respect for our elected officials because they do not get there that easy.  However, when you look at all the antics that are occurring it is mind boggling.

I have seen direct attempts to stir up division between the American People over race, ie; the bust of Martin Luther King removed from the Oval Office, a reading of the letter of Correta Scott King 1986 to shame Jeff Sessions.

I have seen the twisting of words and conceptual slants by the media to change the meaning of what was originally intended of the executive order as far as putting a temporary pause or ban on refugees coming into America in order to keep America safe.  A battle now that is in the court system still at this time.

I have seen Sean Hannity of Fox News discuss how the their has been a document formulated by the Left to discuss specific strategies on how to fight Trump and his administration, including initiating lawsuits to slow, de-legitimize, slander, and if possible impeach Trump altogether.

And there are many other stories I could add to this discussion that demonstrate the same things.  Now when you really look behind this, I mean really look behind this, you begin to see something else happening.  You say, “What do I mean?” and I reply, “Let me show you.”

First and foremost I would like to preface this by in America we all have the right to free speech, even though some may not agree at this point (ie; Berkley University Event)  So we do have the right to our opinions and differences in beliefs, positions, etc.  Yet, if you look at the positions in more detail you will see that the opposing forces are squaring themselves against each other along the lines of race, religious freedoms and discrimination, sexual orientation, and abortion rights along with many others.

On the Democratic side you have people leaning one way towards these issues and on the Republican side you have people leaning another way towards these issues.  Thus the battle rages with Trump in the Lead as our President.

Here is the deal.  On the Republican side you have 80% of the Evangelical vote along with a predominance in the Catholic Vote.  There are many other constituents of this party including the the middle of the country workers.  These factors point to a division over ultimately religious values.

In the word of God in Ephesians 6 the Apostle Paul discusses this battle and the war that rages between the flesh and the spirit.  The Spirit being behind what God is all about and what are his values.  Hmmm.  God has values and principles?  Yes he does.  I am not going to list them here as this is not so much a religious teaching but an illumination of this spiritual battle against our present political battle.  Many of them are coinciding.

Ultimately in the end the antichrist will appear in the midst of a globalist new world order.  He will take the reigns and a new world religion will also be initiated in this global order that will allow people to democratically practice their religion as long as we respect each others rights to do so.  There is only one problem here.

Jesus said in John 14.6 “I am the way, the truth, and the Life no one comes to the Father but by me.”

Ooops there it is.  This is what the war is really about.  This is what the political divisions or the roots underneath are about and the world placement of Israel is smack dab in the middle of this.  If you pull back the curtain and look at all the world events and the common threads and patterns this is the bottom line.

What is interesting is this battle has been going on all along in the background with few really seeing and understanding what was going on. Yet now with this election and what this administration represents this war has surfaced and had been made more plain for all to see.  IT will continue, but rest assured you will see Trump’s agenda, even though tumultuous will obtain the victory in many issues and many agendas.  Why?  If you haven’t watched the video of the first post about Trump than watch it for then you will see what’s behind all this and why, we are not wrestling against flesh and blood.


And The Trumpet continues to Blow

Donald Trump wins Presidency and it is being questioned, but can it be stopped?

If you were to look at this from a human point of view than perhaps there could be some damage done in this recount.  However watch the video below and see that this goes way beyond the regular news.  You don’t have to agree just watch and see.

I will say this.  This post was hacked and taken down.  I reposted it and then shortly thereafter the site was disrupted to where I couldn’t even access it.  I had to completely start over and redo this.  So someone doesn’t want you to see this.


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