Hidden Alien Frameworks Right Here On Earth – Is There Life On Other Planets?

Image credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO/G.Schellenberger et al.; Optical:SDSS

Many Questions

This is a question that many are asking and believing right now.  There must be life on other planets, just because of the size of our universe with all of it’s galaxies, stars, and planets, right?  With the billions of possibilities it only makes sense.  There are those that are looking for water on other planets.  There are those that are looking for extraterrestrial life in other solar systems.  There are those that believe they have found evidence of alien life on mars in the photos.  So what is the truth?  We have supposedly have had many ufo sightings and encounters.  Are these for real?  Are they hoax’s (we’ve had a few of those lately)?  How do we drill down on this subject and separate the facts from fiction?

What if there was a network of facts intertwining many historical, scientific, artistic, and ufos?  Just finding facts is one thing, but what if there was an established hidden network of inter-connectivity?  If you saw these patterns, networks, or frameworks and they made sense with each other, what would you think then?  In fact there is evidence pointing to those that are actually awaiting an extraterrestrial visitation.  We are not just talking about regular people alone, but many higher ups, in high offices.  Would that be of interest to you to learn of those frameworks?  They have been around for hundreds of years, if not longer.  The data and evidence is hidden in plain sight if you knew where to look.

If your curious and you would like to find out more about this then please Click Here-Hidden Alien Frameworks Right Here On Earth

It is time to lift the Veil Off Of What You See, So You Can See

What do you See?

Ask yourself that question.  We see wars, and rumors of wars.  We see unsettling, food shortage, hunger, storms, tumults, turbulence, etc.  We see it in our physical world, our international world, and our national world.  We see division, unsettling, the pointing of fingers, assigning blame, and we see a lot of anger being stirred up.  Who’s to blame, Whose at fault.  Is their equity of justice, or do some get away with what others don’t.  Yet, if you lift the veil, you might see something even more profound.  Something unexpected, something quite enthralling, and then when you step back and look at it, you can believe that God truly has things under control.  He set up the universe, he set up the wonders of the physical body in its majestic construction, and everything else for that matter, but is he involved with world events as well?

Watch this Video by Johnathan Cahn and you should agree, yes he does, and everything is going to be alright.  The video is about an hour long, so watch it when you have time, but watch it all the way through it is worth it.

Here is the Video.

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God is Certainly Not Dead, Rather, He is Surely Alive

Crandall Police Decides to Give God a Little Glory!!!

Watch them Sing to God’s Not Dead.


God’s love is the Fire that will Fuel the Coming Revival.

As more and more allow themselves to harness this fire of love, the Elijah Fire last day revival will spread quickly across the earth.

I was watching the Royal Wedding today and saw many important things.  For one was the uniting of an American wife with a Royal Husband.  The second was the ceremony itself had both Royal English Traditional Church Elements in it and a Southern Afro American touch as Bishop Michael Curry gave an awe inspiring message about God being love and how love is like a fire, and if harnessed, will make the world anew.  He spoke of Martin Luther King, but focused mightily on Love and what love will do for us and how it is tied into the marriage between the Lamb (Bridegroom) and his wife the (Church).

It was a stunning example of God lifting above traditions and feelings and ideas and through the uniting of these two God made his appeal to us through this Bishop.  God has plans to unite his church, lift us up, and rise to occasion of spreading his word, regardless of denomination, race, or culture.  Like a human body with many organs each with its own specialized cell type and job in the body, all work together under one Godhead, one Lord, The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  This head is moving and inspiring his people as we speak.

Keep your eye on this coming revival, it is coming, very soon.  Watch as the Church begins to rightly unite, inter denomination wise.  God has to Unite us in his love, his power, and our faith, and it is all made possible through the blood of Jesus.  The enemy of the church has kept us divided as he knows a kingdom divided cannot stand, a house divided cannot stand.  How powerful will the revival be when we unite as one man, just like Israel did long ago.  For now, enjoy the video above.

Alien Invasion is Imminent!

Here is a Fox News Report on Tucker Carlson of Military Sightings of UFO’s

The Next Question Would Be, “Why Are They Here?”

UFO rumors and stories have been around for some time.  The events always seem just out of reach or you can’t really pin them down but recently things are changing.  You are hearing more stories about UFO’s because people are more willing to tell their story.  Do the stories now have the meet and potatoes we have been looking for or are they more rumors.  With all the Science Fiction in the Media and the immense size of the galaxy it makes it easier to believe that these stories might be true.  If they are true, then why are they here?

When I hear of a UFO story I don’t listen to the ones that could be anything.  I check for credibility and the source of that information.  For example here is a Fox news report below of military flight crew obtaining video evidence and eyewitness testimonial evidence.  When do we begin to acknowledge what is happening and take this subject more seriously.  If they are for real, and there is much evidence to suggest so, then “Why are they Here?” “Why do they seem to toy with us?”  Watch the Fox News Video below and if you want even more information listen to the short podcast.


Perhaps This will Tell The Story Even Better (Alien Invasion Is Imminent)



Now if you want to get to the truth behind all this just look at the central flashing Video Icon below and it will give you more information and a means to surely find out the truth.  It’s quite alarming, because it details what their plans are.

Spring Cleaning – Swamp Cleaning

It’s Swamp Cleaning Time


When you think of it, there has been a lot going on in the last year with respect to America, Washington D.C. and the World.  We have had many terrorist attacks, school attacks, bombing attacks that seem to almost mimic the Unibomber.  We have had many resignations and firings in Washington, along with much confusion and the pointing of fingers.   Yet, when you are in a season of change, aside from the aforementioned attacks, this stuff tends to happen.  We are in a period of change and revamping.  A period of cleaning house just like it get’s when you do spring cleaning.  You get to a point when enough is enough and you start to go to work and get things cleaned up.  During the cleaning process there will be stuff all over the place, things out of order, and apparent confusion, but the end point of the cleaning is a much more organized and smooth flowing place that even visually looks good.

America has been getting out of order for decades, and President Trump was the man that was voted in because he said he would clean it up and drain the swamp.  While this cleanup process begins there will be a lot of confusion and things apparently out of order, but as time goes on we are going to witness things get better in many areas.  They are already getting better but there is still quite a ways to go.  President Trump is a man of his word and his focus is primarily on getting things done, fixed, accomplished, changed for the betterment of America.  He calls it “America First”.  This does not coincide well with globalists and their thinking and agendas.  This is why all of the confusion, turbulence, and divisions.

President Trump is an interrupt for the globalist’s plans and agendas.  What they do not realize is that this interrupt was voted in by a good chunk of the American People.  People who believe in God and believe in God’s principles.  Thus thorough Christians, Catholics and those who just like what President Trump is doing voted him in.  This is what truly happened.  People want things to be better in America, and things to be right.  God’s kingdom, which is not of this world, works like this in ways.  Here is a proverb in the Old Testament written by King Solomon.

Proverbs 29.2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. (KJV)

Yet, there is another thing happening.  As God works through President Trump to set things in order, the church will be more free to express their views without constrain or reprisal.  This means the church will rise up and the spreading of the Gospel, which is the Good News about God’s Mercy, favor, and Goodness will become more pronounced and known.  In fact people will begin to see God’s glory and power more as well.  It will be a glorious revival indeed!