The Elijah Tribune – What is it about?

The Elijah Tribune

The Elijah Tribune is a special idea to where Christians, those who have a burning desire to, share the gospel.  Not only is there video training, and encouragement with respect to helping you spread the gospel there is also a part devoted to Christians who would like to build up their internet understanding so they can share the gospel better and fund their gospel sharing if desired.  So far there is five months worth of newsletters packed with training so that not only do you get encouraged in your gospel sharing but accelerated towards learning how the internet works and how you can build a business as well to help fund your Christian efforts.  Solomon had at least two businesses and Paul the Apostle mended nets as a business while he shared the gospel.  I know of several Christians who are doing this and it is working well for them.  Why not you? Watch Video and then Click on link to get your copy of the Elijah Tribune

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