It is time to lift the Veil Off Of What You See, So You Can See

What do you See?

Ask yourself that question.  We see wars, and rumors of wars.  We see unsettling, food shortage, hunger, storms, tumults, turbulence, etc.  We see it in our physical world, our international world, and our national world.  We see division, unsettling, the pointing of fingers, assigning blame, and we see a lot of anger being stirred up.  Who’s to blame, Whose at fault.  Is their equity of justice, or do some get away with what others don’t.  Yet, if you lift the veil, you might see something even more profound.  Something unexpected, something quite enthralling, and then when you step back and look at it, you can believe that God truly has things under control.  He set up the universe, he set up the wonders of the physical body in its majestic construction, and everything else for that matter, but is he involved with world events as well? Watch this Video by Johnathan Cahn and you should agree, yes he does, and everything is going to be alright.  The video is about an hour long, so watch it when you have time, but watch it all the way through it is worth it. Here is the Video.