Hidden Alien Frameworks Right Here On Earth – Is There Life On Other Planets?

Image credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO/G.Schellenberger et al.; Optical:SDSS

Many Questions

This is a question that many are asking and believing right now.  There must be life on other planets, just because of the size of our universe with all of it’s galaxies, stars, and planets, right?  With the billions of possibilities it only makes sense.  There are those that are looking for water on other planets.  There are those that are looking for extraterrestrial life in other solar systems.  There are those that believe they have found evidence of alien life on mars in the photos.  So what is the truth?  We have supposedly have had many ufo sightings and encounters.  Are these for real?  Are they hoax’s (we’ve had a few of those lately)?  How do we drill down on this subject and separate the facts from fiction?

What if there was a network of facts intertwining many historical, scientific, artistic, and ufos?  Just finding facts is one thing, but what if there was an established hidden network of inter-connectivity?  If you saw these patterns, networks, or frameworks and they made sense with each other, what would you think then?  In fact there is evidence pointing to those that are actually awaiting an extraterrestrial visitation.  We are not just talking about regular people alone, but many higher ups, in high offices.  Would that be of interest to you to learn of those frameworks?  They have been around for hundreds of years, if not longer.  The data and evidence is hidden in plain sight if you knew where to look.

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